It was just 5 days after my 48th birthday when I suffered a heart attack and almost lost what is probably the most precious thing to all of us – life.

In the months after, I wanted to make sure that I did everything possible to facilitate my recovery and improve my heart health but I struggled to find the information and support I needed. I took it upon myself to research nutrition, exercise, stress management, lifestyle and other factors that impact heart disease. After months of compiling this information, I began to develop a need to share this knowledge with people who had gone through similar, life changing health scares like me – thus, Fortress Health was born.

Our online information portal is free and contains some additional tools which may help you take better control of your own health. The Fortress Health portal is a community of young and old that want to share experiences and information that could help fellow suffers of heart problems lead a more healthy and fulfilled life.

Become a member today and FORTIFY YOUR HEALTH - From me and my family, we wish you the very best of health.


The information on this website is not formal advice, and you should always seek medical intervention if you intend on making changes to your lifestyle particularly if you are on medication or have an existing medical condition or are pregnant. This information is generic, and you should always make your own informed choice based on a full and proper consideration of your own personal situation.